Leaders address advocacy to student pharmacists

Bill Moore

Two leaders in the pharmacy community spoke with students at the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy about advocacy. The owner of Moore’s Pharmacy and a longtime government affairs strategist with the Texas Pharmacy Business Council both spoke on Sept. 12 to encourage, inspire and inform professional student pharmacists.

Bill Moore, the owner of Moore’s Pharmacy, began with little and grew his pharmacy business to what it is today. He owns stores in Beeville, Sinton and Corpus Christi, Texas. He spoke to students about public advocacy, what it is, and how it affects pharmacists and patients. Moore shared his experiences to teach professional student pharmacists of the Rangel College of Pharmacy.

“Being a pharmacist means that you always have to put yourself aside; you must first think of your patient. This is a profession that takes care of patients,” Moore said. “If you do not take care of them, then you fail as a pharmacist. It is about improving their quality of life.”

Forum GuestsMichael Wright from the Texas Pharmacy Business Council gave a presentation informing students about state senate and house bills and the current changes in the Texas legislature that will affect pharmacy practice and pharmacy education.

Among the bills were Senate Bill 1106, which dealt with the use of maximum allowable cost lists under a Medicaid managed care pharmacy benefit plan.

Wright also gave the students words of encouragement on how to become the best professionals they can.

“Always focus on your achievable goals and focus on their long-term view,” Wright said. “Be willing to negotiate your differences with others. Honor your word every single time and always give credit where it is needed.”