Director of Student Success

Dr. Amanda Galindo, Ed.D.

Amanda Galindo, Director of Student Success


The Office of Student Success is committed to supporting the University’s mission by providing resources and tools to facilitate development in all areas of academic success.  Students will have a supportive environment that fosters a learner-centered experience for success by empowering students to take an active and collaborative role in their learning.  The office of student success focuses on holistic development which takes a closer look at each student’s progression in order to meet the overall mission of the institution. The Rangel College of Pharmacy is committed to engaging and supporting our community of diverse learners through graduation and beyond by maintaining partnerships across the university that contribute to a culture that is student centered and rich with opportunity for all.

The Office of Student  Success

College of Pharmacy
1010 West Avenue B
MSC 131
Kingsville, TX 78363-8202
Office # 221

Phone: 361.221.0608