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Magarian Award Winners

Robert A Magarian Outstanding Student Podium Presentation Award Past Recipients

1999: Robert H. Cichewicz, “Dimerization of Resveratrol by the Grapevine Pathogen Botrytis cinerea,” University of Louisiana at Monroe, Monroe, LA. Advisor: Dr. Samir A. Kouzi. 

2000: Valeria N. Rubin, “Preparation and Selective Estrogen-Like Bone Protective and Cholesterol-Lowering Effect of Hydroxytriarylethylenes Bearing Acidic Side Chains,” University of Georgia. Advisor: Dr. Peter C. Ruenitz 

2001: Theresa L. Johnson, “Inhibition of Lactate Dehydrogenase C: The Design Synthesis, and Testing of Ligands as an Approach to Male Contraception,” University of Mississippi, Advisor: Dr. Mitchell A. Avery 

2002: Kris Virga, “Structure-Based Design and Synthesis of Pantothenate Kinase Inhibitors,” University of Tennessee, Advisor, Dr. Richard E. Lee 

2003: Lindsay Odom, “Alkylation and Cyclization Reactions of Diazoketones: Synthesis of Substituted Azetidines,” University of Mississippi, Advisor, Dr. John M. Rimoldi 

2004: Kerim Babaolu, “Crystal Structure of Dihydropteroate Synthase from Bacillus anthracis: Studies into Mechanism and Starting Point for Novel Inhibitor Design,” University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Advisor, Dr. Richard E. Lee. 

2005: Nakul Telang, “Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Isoflavones as AntigiardialAgents,” University of Mississippi, Advisor, Dr. Mitchell Avery. 

2006: Tarek Mahfouz, “Computer-aided Inhibitor Discovery of the Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A,” University of Houston, Advisor, Dr. James M. Briggs. 

2007: Kirk Hevener, “Structure-Guided Virtual Screening Against Dihydropteroate Synthase Utilizing Pharmacophore Filtering and Fragment-based Constraints,” University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Advisor, Dr. Richard E. Lee. 

2008: Yatan Shukla, “Novel Pregnane Glycosides from Hoodia gordonii,” University of Mississippi, Advisor, Dr. Ikhlas A. Khan. 

2009: Amir E. Wahba, “Zinc Mediated Reductive N-Alkylation and Amidation of Nitro Arenes with an Application to natural Products,” University of Mississippi, Advisor, Dr. Mark T. Hamann. 

2010: Sarah Chijkowski, “The Reaction of the Sesquiterpene Lactone Repin with Various Amine Nucleophiles,” Advisor, John M. Rimoldi. 

2011: Amanda Waters, “Methodologies for the Structural Assignment of Karlotoxin Polyketides in High-Throughput using Overlaid 2D NMR Techniques,”  Advisor, Mark T. Hamann. 

2012: Fathy Behery, “Tocotrienol Elecrophilic Substitution Products as Breast Cancer Proliferation and Migratio Inhibitory Leads,” Advisor, Khalid El Sayed. 

2013: Min Xiao, “Discovery of 4-Aryl-2-benzoyl-imidazoles as Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors with Potent Antiproliferative Properties,” Advisor, Wei Li. 

2014: Eric Bow, “Novel Benzofuran and Benzopyran Scaffolds Targeting the Cannabinoid Receptors,” Advisor, John M. Rimoldi. 

2015: Chalada Suebsuwong, “Structure-Based Design of Potent and Selective DLG-OUT RIPK1 Inhibitors,” Advisor, Greg Cuny. 

2016: Wang Qinghui, “Structural Optimization of ABI-231 Targeting the Colchicine Site in Tubulin for Advanced Melanoma,” Advisor, Wei Li.

2017: Zongtao Lin, “Investigation of 20s(Oh)D3 and 1,20s(Oh)2D3 Analogs as Potent VDR agonists and Anti-Inflammatory Agents,” Advisor, Wei Li.


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