The Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy is engaging in research collaborations regionally, nationally and internationally. The faculty members at the Rangel College of Pharmacy are internationally recognized scholars and researchers who work in diversified basic, translational, social and clinical research areas. Our social and clinical scientists are evaluating pharmacist-led interventions as a means of improving health care delivery. Our biomedical scientists are discovering and translating novel approaches to prevention and treatment of debilitating diseases and conditions.

An Office of Research will be established to: 1) enhance research opportunities with other research entities in The Texas A&M University System as well as governmental agencies and industry; and 2) implement a faculty mentorship program. Another noteworthy initiative is the establishment of the Texas A&M University Health Science Center Biopharmaceutical Consortium (BC). The BC is envisioned as a public and private enterprise to advance and energize education and research in translational medicine as well as drug product development, formulation and delivery.

Scholarly endeavors are a vital component of any successful academic and professional program. It is our goal to ensure that the basic, clinical, social and administrative science research is translated into improvements in pharmacy education, pharmaceutical research, medication treatment management and public policy.

Innovative and productive research by the faculty improves the quality of health care delivered by the graduates of the Rangel College of Pharmacy.