Spotlight: Brittany Bateman

britBrittany Bateman of Boerne, Texas

Brittany Bateman of Boerne, Texas, who graduated on May 23 from the Texas A&M Rangel College of Pharmacy, remembers the day she was accepted to pharmacy school as if it were yesterday.

“I was getting in the car to go on a spring break trip with my family. As we were leaving the house phone rang,” she said. “My dad answered, then looked at me and said, ‘It’s for you.’”

She listened to James Robertson Jr., Ph.D., former associate dean for student affairs, in sheer disbelief as she was told she’d been accepted into the Texas A&M Rangel College of Pharmacy.

“The excitement I felt that day stayed with me from my first day to my fourth and final year of pharmacy school,” Bateman said. “The experiences and memories I have from my time spent at the college these past four years will remain with me forever.”

Robertson passed away Nov. 21, 2012, in Corpus Christi after complications from pneumonia.

Bateman was selected by faculty members for the Dr. James Robertson Jr. Excellence Award, supported by the Dr. James Robertson Jr. Memorial Scholarship and Francisco’s Salon, recognizing outstanding professionalism and communication skills as demonstrated in conduct and attitude with an emphasis on community, campus and student organization involvement. She received the award on May 20 at the College Awards.

At the beginning of her third year, she was asked to lead the committee who planned the first Ties & Tennis Shoes 5K Run in honor of Robertson.

“The simple memory of Robertson was the only motivation the committee needed to never lose sight of the goal,” Bateman said.