Message from the Dean


Dr. Indra K. Reddy

Professor and Founding Dean

The Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy impacts thousands of lives. The college has eight active student organizations that reach out to our community when they provide blood glucose and blood pressure screenings at health fairs, lead diabetes and smoking cessation education programs, clean up parks, help children with homework at the Boys and Girls Club, and are engaged in many community action projects in Kingsville and greater South Texas region. 

In addition, the college faculty, staff and students worked with Kleberg County to deliver health screenings for more than 250 county employee families in the spring. Students volunteer time with Project HELP (Health Education and Literacy in Practice), where they serve Su Clinica Familiar in Harlingen, Texas, to improve patient health literacy, medication and chronic disease education.

Each year the College sponsors an event, International Extravaganza, for students and the community to enhance cultural awareness and to foster cultural competence in the communities it serves. This event also presents a glimpse of some of the cultural traditions of Europe, Asia, India, the Islands, Mexico and South America, where student pharmacists exchange ethnic foods, share an understanding of the health benefits of these ethnic foods, showcase multilingual lyrics and music, and play multicultural games that are unique to different parts of the world. 

This fall a new cohort of 87 students, the Class of 2017, begins their educational journey in the College.  It is impressive to note that our College continues to receive large pool of qualified applicants for pharmacy programs in the state, year after year. This incoming class includes 10 students from Texas A&M University-Kingsville and 42 percent are from South Texas.  

Opened its door to students in 2006 to meet a critical need in the South Texas community where there is a shortage of pharmacists, the College has now established an exceptional pharmacy program, obtained full professional accreditation with flying colors, and has graduated four cohorts of students.

Today, 103 out of 309 of the college’s graduates have returned to South Texas to help underserved populations. The college’s leadership strives to entrench a culture of excellence, education, research, practice and patient care to each professional student enrolled. Guided by a set of core values, the College continues to advance the profession of pharmacy and to enhance the quality of peoples’ lives in South Texas, Texas and beyond.  No wonder it is ranked in the Top 50 for pharmacy programs in the country within a record time, as per the recent US News and World Report rankings. 

We are growing in strength. As mentioned by State Rep. J.M. Lozano in his column this month: “In a move that gives students and faculty increased educational and scientific opportunities, the Texas A&M Health Science Center recently merged as a unit within Texas A&M University. This aligns the college with a flagship university and allows faculty to build innovative, multi-location collaborations with colleagues in fields such as veterinary medicine. Cutting edge pharmaceutical and biomedical research leads to better health care.”

The College has plans in the works to expand its program as it continues its focus to serve South Texas. Expansion will allow for a modest increase in enrollment and open more seats for students who meet the competitive standards for the professional program. The student pharmacists at the College attain and practice skills with the largest preceptor network in the state of Texas, 915 members strong.

The College, emboldened by its mission and vision, endeavors to change the face of South Texas through its unbridled commitment to exceptional pharmacy education, superior science and compassionate patient care. The college is proud of its past and is poised for the timely growth to meet the needs of South Texas residents.