Become a Preceptor

Pharmacy preceptors play in important role in the educational development of Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy students, from beginning first-year students through advanced fourth-year students. Multiple precepting opportunities exist through service learning, shadowing, clinical experiences and mentoring in order for the students to develop the attitudes, values and behaviors of professional pharmacists.


  • Are role models
  • Share past pharmacy experiences
  • Take an interest in the student’s education
  • Offer guidance for career selection
  • Are prospective employers
  • TSBP licensed preceptors (three hours of preceptor CE every two years)
  • The accreditation standards require pharmacy preceptors to interact significantly with students and to closely supervise students’ activities.


  • Assess the student’s level and develop rotation activities suitable to their current abilities and the desired learning outcomes.
  • Provide structure and develop meaningful rotation experiences for the student to allow progression and development.
  • Stay abreast of current practice trends.
  • Assist the college by evaluating student’s performance and documenting hours through the online monitoring system (E*Value) at the conclusion of every rotation.
  • Communicate with the Rangel College of Pharmacy to address concerns and areas of need.


  • Give back to the profession and know that you are contributing to the next generation
  • Stay current with practice trends
  • Challenge yourself to offer meaningful learning experiences and learn as you teach.
  • Free live CE.
  • Utilize your student to assist with quality assurance programs, health fairs and other projects
  • Receive assistance with time-consuming tasks
  • Develop a research collaboration with your student
  • Utilize the Medical Science Library resources
  • Meet and attract future employees

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