Mission & Goals

The mission of the Department of Pharmacy Practice is to provide clinical education that uses evidence-based approaches to optimize the practice of pharmacy, advance research and scholarship, deliver quality patient care and provide service.

The educational and research activities of the department focus on the promotion of health and well-being of patients by the generation, application and dissemination of knowledge relating to medications and medication use. The department's practice-based faculty, together with an extensive preceptor network, provides innovative, interdisciplinary pharmacy practice experiences that foster students as integral and competent members of the health care team.


The Department of Pharmacy Practice will be a national leader in:

  • Advancing pharmacy education and training
  • Producing pharmacists who are responsible for providing patient care that ensures optimal medication therapy outcomes and improves the patient's quality of life
  • Pursing scholarly activities that advance the profession of pharmacy in South Texas, the state and beyond


The specific goals of the department, which dovetail the college’s Strategic Plan, are enumerated below:


Produce competent clinicians by providing quality instruction and training:

  1. Incorporate, collect and analyze data on active learning and critical thinking techniques.
  2. Implement and document innovative teaching strategies that promote scholarship of teaching.
  3. Provide varied learning opportunities by offering practice elective courses.
  4. Create students learning opportunities through experiences that involve direct patient care.
  5. Improve and maintain the quality of preceptor training events and continuing education seminars.
  6. Develop an improved plan for conducting existing onsite experiential education site visits.
  7. Implement and monitor faculty development plans to be consistent with the college’s Strategic Plan.
  8. Develop a college-based pharmacy residency training program.

Research and Scholarship

Create and disseminate knowledge on the rational use, delivery, safety and access to drug therapy; and actively engage in research/scholarship:

  1. Embrace minimum publishing standards that enable faculty to gain academic promotion and/or tenure.
  2. Increase the number of abstracts and research presentations at local, state, national and/or international scientific or professional meetings.
  3. Expand interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers in other departments, colleges and universities.
  4. Increase the number of grants submitted to federal agencies, foundations, corporations and industry.
  5. Assess and monitor faculty academic loads that enable faculty opportunities for scholarly productivity.
  6. Involve and increase student participation in scholarly activities.
  7. Implement and monitor faculty research/scholarship plans to be consistent with the college’s Strategic Plan.

Pharmacy Practice & Service

Serve the public, pharmacy profession and the university community.

  1. Support student and faculty involvement and leadership in regional, national and/or international professional and scientific organizations.
  2. Serve the local communities by engaging faculty and students in health-related events.
  3. Develop and maintain pharmacy practice opportunities that provide clinical care and preventative services to the community.
  4. Increase and monitor the number of faculty and students engaged in health literacy and advocacy.
  5. Create and promote community partnerships which benefit both the community as well as the department and the college.