Mission & Goals


To develop highly competent, patient-centered and ethical pharmacists prepared to practice in current and future pharmacy practice settings.


  • Develop a practical continuum of pharmacy practice experiences progressing in complexity from introductory to advanced pharmacy practice experiences and culminating in the achievement of professional competencies.
  • Promote the mission of the college and the development of the pharmacy profession by identifying, developing and utilizing innovative and inter-professional practice sites throughout the state of Texas.
  • Reinforce professional knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviors through the interface of didactic courses and experiential activities.
  • Incorporate reflection into introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences to serve as portfolio documentation of professional growth.
  • Create innovative learning opportunities using technology and distance learning for student and preceptor development.
  • Adapt pharmacy practice experiences to meet accreditation standards and Texas Board of Pharmacy licensure requirements.
  • Maximize utilization of a web-based rotation management system to track, monitor and evaluate student, site and preceptor information.
  • Use technology to assess student professionalism, documentation of drug-related problem interventions, exposure to population health issues and continued development of professional competencies.
  • Involve preceptors in experiential education through advisory boards, regional meetings and standing committees.
  • Endorse a high level of competence and life-long learning of our preceptors through educational training, assessment and collaboration.