Mammalian Cell culture Facilities:

Dedicated cell culture facility that includes sterile CO2 Incubator (Thermo Scientific), Laminar flow hoods (Labconco), Refrigerated Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific), Pipettes aids, Water bath (ISO temp), inverted microscope (Labomed), Aspirator (Welch), EVOM epithelial TEER Voltohmeter (World Precision Instruments), and liquid nitrogen storage.   

Animal experiments facilities:

Animal housing for conducting experiments using genetically modified rodents, gene delivery in live animals, animal tagging, glucose monitoring, body fat monitoring, aseptic surgery.

Histopathology facilities:

Cryostat CM 1510 S (Leica), Leica HI1220 Flattening Table for Histology, Fully Motorized Rotary Microtome RM2255 (Leica), Leica HI1210 Water Bath, all the equipment’s and supplies for histochemistry & immunohistochemistry.

Microscopy Facilities:

Nikon Eclipse TS 100 Microscope (Nikon), Motorized stage and NIS elements AR 3.0 (Nikon), Microscope TCM 400 (Labomed)

SDS-PAGE & Immunoblotting facilities:

Gel Electrophoresis Unit with blotting apparatus (Bio-Rad), Electrophoresis Power Pack (Thermo Fisher), Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS + with image lab TM software (Bio-Rad), Micro-Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific), Over Head Stirrer (Tissue Homogenizer) (Wheaton), Power Pack (Bio-Rad), Three tire Infinity Rocker (Next Advance), Plate Reader (Awareness Technology Inc).

Other Lab facilities:

Electronic Balance (Satorius), Hot Plate Stirrer (VWR),  ISO temp Refrigerated Water Circulator (ISO temp), Water bath (VWR), Mini Blot Mixer (VWR), Rotofor® and Mini Rotofor Cells (BioRad), Multi Mix Rotator (VWR), Dual block PCR machine (G-storm), pH Meter (Jenco Instruments), Refrigerator -20oC (Kenmore), Refrigerator 4oC (Electrolux), Double door Refrigerator 4oC (ISOTEMP), Excella E-24 Incubator Shaker (New Brunswick Scientific), UV Trans illuminator (Ultra Violet Products), Mini Pump (CONTROL), Rotaphor isoelectric focusing system (BioRad), Column chromatography equipment’s.

Bioinformatics and other Software:

Gold docking suite, Sequence scanner, Chroma, Origin, NIS element, CFlow.