H-E-B Pharmacy Questionnaire



Have you ever worked for H-E-B? If yes, please provide location & dates employed.

I am a:  P1 or P2

Do you have any relatives who are employed by HEB? If yes, please list name and location.

Why are you interested in retail pharmacy (50 words or less)?

Why are you interested in HEB (50 words or less)?

What are your top 2 strengths? How will you apply them to HEB Rx Internship program (100 words or less)?

Do you have retail experience (past or present)?

List the Top 3 geographic locations where you would like to work? (rank from most desirable to least)

List the Top 3 companies you are planning on interviewing with and briefly describe why? (rank from most desirable to least)

Do you have open availability to include working weekends and holidays?


Email completed form to: garza.cynthia@heb.com  

Email Subject: HEB Rx Campus Questionnaire –Your Name & School

 Thank you for your submission!

If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified by the Campus Interview Coordinator.