Nicholas G. Popovich

Nicholas G. Popovich, Ph.D., is a professor and head of the Department of Pharmacy Administration, at the University of Illinois-Chicago, College of Pharmacy (UIC COP).  In August 2012, Dr. Popovich was named the Illinois Pharmacist Association Pharmacist of the Year.

Nicolas PopovichPreviously, he was on the faculty of the Purdue University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences for almost 28 years and served as the pharmacy practice department head at the school from January 1993 to January 1995.  

In March 2003, Dr. Popovich was named professor emeritus at Purdue University School of Pharmacy. He earned his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 1968. Subsequently, he earned his Master of Science and doctorate of philosophy degrees in pharmacy from the University of Illinois in 1971 and 1973, respectfully, under the direction of Dr. Daniel A. Nona, professor emeritus, UIC COP. 

In 1991-1992, Dr. Popovich served as president and chairman of the board of directors of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and has been honored to receive five Rufus A. Lyman Awards, presented annually for the outstanding research article which appears in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.  In 1997, he received the AACP Distinguished Educator Award. 

While at Purdue University, Dr. Popovich was also honored to receive five Professor Robert Heine undergraduate teaching awards within the School of Pharmacy, was a recipient of the university wide Amoco Award for teaching excellence, and was inducted as a Founding Fellow in the Teaching Academy in September 1997.  Further, he served as the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Teaching Academy for the four years prior to the time that he assumed his department head responsibilities at the UIC COP in January 2002.  In October 2004, he was honored as the David E. Guttman Memorial Lecturer, at the University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy.  In April 2005, he was the recipient of the UIC COP Urban Health Program Distinguished Faculty Award.

In March 2007, Dr. Popovich received the American Pharmacist Association Gloria Niemeyer Francke Leadership Mentor Award for promoting and encouraging pharmacists to attain leadership positions through example, acting as a role model and mentor. In April 2008, he was awarded the UIC COP Jesse Stewart Service Award. 

Dr. Popovich possesses a keen interest in the development of operational curricular models which represent a fundamental underpinning in pharmaceutical education toward the achievement of student performance outcome goals, for example, logical thinking and decision-making abilities, reading and critical thinking abilities, scholarly concern for improvement and lifelong learning. While on the Purdue University faculty, he was responsible for instructing several courses in pharmacy practice, including the self-care, nonprescription medicines (OTC) course. The research experience and current interests of Dr. Popovich focus upon the development and evaluation of instructional methodologies, for example guided design, microteaching exercises, nontraditional lecture formats, an academic advanced pharmacy practice experience, peer-self-evaluation, certificate programs, to enhance pharmacy student, pharmacy educator, and pharmacist knowledge, learning and confidence in knowledge. At the UIC COP, he has conceptualized, implemented and evaluated a professional development seminar series as a mechanism to guide and advise doctorate of pharmacy students during their on-campus, first three professional years.  

Further, he has a keen interest in faculty development to nurture junior faculty in the provision of teaching and scholarship through individual and group interaction. For example, he has initiated the “Conversations about Teaching” series at UIC COP to help junior faculty. In fall 2007, he conceptualized and implemented the Graduate Student/Clinical Resident-Fellows Program in Academic Instruction at the COP to facilitate participant development in their teaching roles within the doctorate of pharmacy program.

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