What is Diversity?

Texas A&M Rangel College of Pharmacy recognizes that diversity includes the characteristics of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, education, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, socio-economic status, income, background, geographical location, work experience, age, physical and emotional abilities/qualities, nontraditional medical beliefs and practices, religious beliefs, political views, or other ideologies. It is the exploration of these differences that ensure a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. The concept of diversity entails acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique and recognizing our individual differences. Diversity encompasses, therefore, knowing how to relate to those qualities and conditions that are different from our own, and to welcoming and supporting individuals from all groups. Given that categories of difference are not always fixed but also can be fluid, we respect individual rights to self-identification and we recognize that no one culture is intrinsically superior to another. As healthcare professionals, our behaviors and actions are guided by respect for others and are demonstrated by being considerate, courteous, and professional.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is an integral element of the College’s mission to prepare a diverse student body for the practice of pharmacy as competent, caring, ethical professionals dedicated to the profession of optimal patient and pharmaceutical care. While engaged in didactic activities, experiential rotations and service-learning exercises, our students practice in an educational atmosphere that reflects the ethnic and cultural make up of our society. We promote open expression of our individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, confidentiality, and respect. We strive to create and maintain a climate in which the uniqueness of each individual is valued, and where everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and respect. We believe our diversity cultivates a wealth of perspectives, creating a dynamic academic environment that fosters ingenuity and excellence. As the College community, we aim to continually educate and train our members so that we can effectively serve a multicultural community. We recognize that each individual's effort is vital to achieving the mission and goals of the College. By working together as members of the College community, we can enhance the excellence of our institution.

We are committed to:

  • diversity in all staff, volunteers, and audiences, including full participation in programs
  • promoting and supporting an environment where all people can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of unfair or demeaning treatment.
  • equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms
  • the enforcement of policies that promote the fulfillment of these principles.
  • making the College a more open and inviting place for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members by recognizing that this requires a sustained, substantive effort by all stakeholders, and continuous monitoring and evaluation.
  • individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equality, and self-esteem
  • embracing cross-cultural diversity – we are adaptable, anti-racist, accept cultural differences and open to new experiences
  • creating an environment that is inclusive of all
  • creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences
  • enhancing a supportive environment for diversity including the scholarly dialogue on diversity