Diversity Plan

Implementing our vision of diversity is an ongoing and dynamic process that shapes students before, during, and after their time at the Rangel College. 

Our initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • taking measures to ensure the presence and participation of under-represented minorities within our community of students and scholars
  • emphasizing the importance of a broad diversity of perspectives when admitting students
  • affirming inclusion of diverse perspectives in the curriculum
  • strongly considering diversity in hiring faculty and staff
  • forming a Diversity Advisory Group, which continues to work on initiatives that keep diversity at the forefront of dialog and action at the school
  • continue to recruit, retain and graduate greater numbers of ethnic minority students
  • promoting a greater understanding and effectiveness of diversity, and engaging communities in the dialogue
  • developing better strategies for improving and tracking the use of minority (HUB) vendors
  • incorporating diversity into the strategic planning
  • developing a climate amongst faculty that they are invested in the success of all students
  • addressing entrenched attitudes that negatively affect recruitment and retention of women and faculty of color
  • integrating the concept of diversity into multiple messages
  • building pathways and pipelines for diversity
  • identifying benchmark by which to measure our diversity efforts