Mohammad Nutan

Mohammad Nutan

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy
1010 W. Ave. B
Kingsville, Texas   78363

Phone: 361.221.0746
Fax: 361.221.0793

Education and Training

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center,
PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2004

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Master of Pharmacy, 1997

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Bachelor of Pharmacy, 1994

Teaching Interests

  • Pharmaceutical calculations
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical compounding
  • Biopharmaceutics
  • Pharmacokinetics  

Research Interests

  • Development of extended release in situ implant formulations
  • Characterization of polymers for controlled drug release
  • Development of coated and matrix systems for controlled drug delivery
  • Study of oral delivery of protein and peptide drugs
  • Improving bioavailability of lipophilic drugs  

Selected Publications

  • Ibrahim, H.M., Ahmed, T.A., Hussain, M.D., Rahman, Z., Samy, A.M., Kaseem, A.A., *Nutan, M.T.H. (2014) “Development of meloxicam in situ implant formulation by quality by design principle.” Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 40(1):66-73.
  • Ahmed, T.A., Ibrahim, H.M., Ibrahim, F., Samy, A.M., Kaseem, A.A., Nutan, M.T.H., *Hussain, M.D. (2012) “Development of biodegradable in situ implant and microparticle injectable formulations for sustained delivery of haloperidol.” Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 101(10):3753-3762.
  • Ahmed, T.A., Ibrahim, H.M., Ibrahim, F., Samy, A.M., Fetoh, E., *Nutan, M.T.H. (2011) “In vitro release, rheological, and stability studies of mefenamic acid coprecipitates in topical formulations.” Pharmaceutical Development and Technology. 16(5):497-510.
  • Ibrahim, H.M., Ahmed, T.A., Lila, A.E.A., Samy, A.M., Kaseem, A.A., *Nutan, M.T.H. (2010) “Mucoadhesive controlled release microcapsules of indomethacin: optimization and stability study.” Journal of Microencapsulation. 27(5):377-386.
  • Nutan, M.T.H., Vaithiyalingam, S.R., *Khan, M.A. (2007) “Controlled release multiparticulate beads coated with starch acetate: material characterization, and identification of critical formulation and process variables.” Pharmaceutical Development and Technology. 12(3):307-320.