Juan Jose Bustamante

Juan Jose Bustamante

Instructional Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Interim Director of Admission

Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy
1010 W. Ave. B
Kingsville, Texas   78363

Phone: 361.221.0795
Fax: 361.221.0793

Education and Training

University of Texas-San Antonio
PhD, Biology, 2003

University of Texas-San Antonio
Bachelor of Science in Biology, 1989

Teaching Interests

  • Physiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Obesity epidemic in the United States 

Research Interests

  • Influence of pregnancy and lactation on growth and gene expression patterns of the maternal liver

Research Area

  • Endocrinology
  • Reproduction
  • Liver and Spleen

Selected Publications

  • Bustamante, J.J., Dai, G., & Soares, M.J. (2008) “Pregnancy and Lactation Modulate Maternal Splenic Growth and Erythroid-Associated Gene Expression.”   Reproduction, Fertility and Development.  20(2), 303–310.
  • Ho-Chen, J.K., Bustamante, J.J., and Soares, M.J. (2007) “Prolactin-Like Protein -F Subfamily of Placental Hormones/Cytokines: Responsiveness to Maternal Hypoxia.”  Endocrinology.  148(2), 559-565.
  • Grigorian, A.L., Bustamante, J.J., Muñoz, J., Aguilar, R.M., et al. (2007) "Preparative Native Alkaline UreaPolyacrylamide Gradient Gel Electrophoresis: Application to Purification of Extraordinarily-Stable Disulfide-Linked  Homodimer of Human Growth Hormone.”  Electrophoresis. 28, 3829-3836.
  • Bustamante, J.J., Garcia, M., Gonzalez, L., Garcia, J., et al. (2005) “Separation of Proteins with a Molecular Weight Difference of 2 kDa Utilizing preparative double-Inverted Gradient Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Under Non-Reducing Conditions: Application to the Isolation of 24 kDa Human Growth Hormone.”  Electrophoresis. 26(23), 4389-95.
  • Grigorian, A. L., Bustamante, J.J., Hernandez, P., Martinez, A.O. and Haro, L.S.  (2005) “Extraordinarily Stable Disulfide-Linked Homodimer of Human Growth Hormone.”  Protein Science. 14, 902-913.