A student’s grade in each course of the curriculum at the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy is based upon performance and/or participation in classes or clinical rotations, laboratory work, examinations, attendance, professional attributes, personal observations and other activities applicable to courses. Student grades are determined by the course instructor or the course coordinator. The proportionate weight of each factor is set by the course instructor or coordinator and the department administering the course. The basis upon which a final course grade is determined is explained in the course syllabus, announced at the beginning of each course, remains constant for the semester, and will be applied throughout each course.

Students enrolled in the college must complete all required coursework (including progression problems, remediation courses and withdrawal occurrences) in its entirety with grades awarded within six years from the date of initial enrollment in the professional program; the associate dean for academic affairs will withdraw the student from the professional program when coursework cannot be completed within the prescribed timeframe. The dean of the college, on a case-by-case basis, will consider exceptions to this policy.

A 4.0 grading scale is utilized by the Rangel College of Pharmacy. The college grading system and quality point values are listed below:

A Excellent: 90 - 100 (4 quality points)
B Good: 80 - 89 (3 quality points)
C Average: 70 - 79 (2 quality points)
D Below average: 60 - 69 (1 quality point)
F Failure; below 60 (no quality points)
I Incomplete (no quality points)
S Satisfactory (no quality points)
U Unsatisfactory (no quality points)
W Withdrawn (no course credit)

 As written in the table, each semester hour with a grade of A carries four quality points; each semester hour with a grade of B, three quality points; each semester hour with a grade of C, two quality points; each semester hour with a grade of D, one quality point; and each semester hour with a grade of F, zero quality points.

The right and responsibility to evaluate student cognitive and noncognitive abilities rests with the faculty. A grade of A, B, C or, in certain designated courses, S, must be attained in all required courses of the pharmacy curriculum to satisfy the requirements of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. In designated courses of the curriculum, a grade of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) shall be used. The course hours for which a student receives a grade of S will not be used to calculate the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA). Should a student receive a grade of U in a course, the hours associated with that course would be entered as a grade of F (failure, no quality points) and these hours will be used in the calculation the student’s cumulative GPA. Additionally, plus or minus grade designations are not awarded and are not recognized by the college.

Grade Reports

End-of-semester grades are generally available after the end of the fourth working day of each semester. Students are responsible for viewing and downloading their grade reports from the Howdy portal.

Unsatisfactory Performance in Coursework

A grade of D, F, or U is considered unsatisfactory and students must repeat the course or engage in mandatory remediation as determined by the Credentialing Committee (see Credentialing Committee Hearing). Grades of D, F, and U will not be removed from a student’s transcript by repeating or remediating the course, or courses, in which the grade was earned (i.e., both grades will appear on the transcript) (see General Academic and Professional Rules and Guidelines).

Grade of Incomplete (I)

A grade of incomplete (I) is a temporary grade and is used to give students an opportunity to complete course requirements. A grade of I shall be awarded only in unique circumstances (e.g., illness, accident, etc.) that prevent a student from completing a segment of a course. Instructors shall issue a grade of I after receiving notification of an authorized absence from either the associate dean for academic affairs or assistant dean for student affairs. Additionally, students cannot have a grade of D, F or U in the course at the time an I grade is issued. I grades will not be used in determining a student’s grade point average or class rank.

Instructors assigning an I grade shall complete an Incomplete Grade Report form that is filed with the Office of the Registrar and this form includes a statement of the instructor’s reason for giving the grade.

Students who receive a grade of I should immediately contact the course coordinator to determine the assignments necessary to complete the course and the final date for completing it. The required assignments must be completed by the agreed upon date, not to exceed the end of the first month of the next semester.

An I grade cannot be removed by repeating the course and a grade of I can only remain on a student’s transcript for one year, after which it is converted to an F. Instructors shall complete a Change of Grade form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar once the student has completed the agreed upon assignments. Note that Howdy designates the completion date.

Grade of Withdrawn (W)

A grade of withdrawn (W) is assigned to students who either request a withdrawal or are required to withdraw from the college. Students requesting a withdrawal must do so in writing. These requests must be submitted to the dean and the dean will notify the student in writing as to the status of their request.

Good Academic Standing and Minimum GPA

Students are considered to be in good academic standing if their cumulative GPA is 2.3 or above. Students with a cumulative GPA less than 2.3 are not considered to be in academic standing and are placed on academic probation (see Academic Probation). Additionally, students with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.3 may not be allowed to progress to the subsequent year of the curriculum (e.g., progress from the P1 year to the P2 year) (see Academic Progression). The minimum cumulative GPA a pharmacy student must attain to graduate with a PharmD is 2.3.

Grade Changes

Grades submitted to Howdy, can only be changed by submitting a Change of Grade form to the Texas A&M University Office of the Registrar. The Change of Grade form or a Letter of Explanation is not valid unless approved by the course coordinator, department chair and the associate dean for academic affairs. The instructor must initiate a request for a final grade change within 30 days after the end of the semester in which the questioned grade was earned.

A Change of Grade form must also be submitted to the Office of the Registrar when changing a grade of I to another grade.

Rounding Grades

The rule for rounding grade percentages will follow the method used by Microsoft Excel. That is, all .50 numbers and higher will be rounded up. For example, 89.49 rounds to 89 while 89.50 rounds to 90 for grade determination.