Experiemtial Education Checklist

Use the (self-help) checklist to ensure you meet all of the requirements to participate in college experiential education activities, including service learning, patient-care events, regional preferences and introductory pharmacy practice experience mini site visits. All of the requirements should be up-to date at all times and uploaded to E*Value for verification. Failure to meet the requirements will result in cancellation of your experiential education activities, thus impeding your progression in the PharmD curriculum. Contact the Office of Experiential Education for assistance or further clarification on the requirements.


Description or Frequency

E*Value (Y/N)




Tetanus/Diptheria/ Pertussis – Tdap (not DT or Td)

One-time within the past ten years


Measles/Mumps/Rubella - MMR

Two doses OR immunity by positive titer


Tuberculosis skin test – PPD (or TB blood test)

      *Chest x-ray

Annual test between June 1 and the first day of class


      *Biennial (every 2 years), but only if the TB test is positive


Hepatitis B – Hep B

Complete series of three immunizations (0 months, one month, six months)


Hepatitis B titer

Immunity by positive titer required, recommended one to two months following the final immunization in the three-dose series


Varicella - Chickenpox

Two immunizations (4 weeks apart) OR immunity by positive titer


Influenza - flu

Annual, STRONGLY recommended, and required by most sites


Bacterial Meningitis – Meningococcal, MCV4 or MPSV4

If under age 22, vaccination within past 5 years





TSBP intern license

One time prior to P2 Fall (submit application during P1 Fall)





Blood-borne Pathogens/OSHA



Medicare Fraud & Abuse Prevention



Basic Life Support (BLS) from American Heart Association

Biennial (every two years)



One time as a student during P1 orientation


Immunization certification from APhA

One time as a student during P1 Fall


MTM certification from APhA

One time during P3-P4 years





**Comprehensive Background Check

**All students must repeat the initial background check, which now includes a comprehensive nationwide search (code EU80). Then, annual re-check.


10-panel Urine drug screen

Annual – prior to start of classes (code EU80dt)


Site-specific requirements

PRN basis – check for site information in E*Value