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Detailed Commencement Information

Commencement Rehearsal

Saturday, May 26, 2018
Rudder Auditorium (Diagram)
2 p.m.

     • Graduate Affairs will set-up in Rudder Theatre to pick up regalia between 10:30AM – 12:30 PM.
     Note:  graduates do not pick up a hood because it is donned on stage.
     • NOTE: Cap and gown portraits will not be taken before the ceremony. 
     • Flash Photography is the official commencement photographer for A&M ceremonies and graduates will be photographed twice during the ceremony-once on stage(donning) and individually once off stage after receiving diploma. (You will be directed to the location) Flash order forms will be available.
     •Informal pictures will also be taken before and after the ceremony and at the reception by Daniel Freeman, COP’s Digital Media Specialist.
     • After taking pictures with family and friends, please return regalia to Rudder Theater before leaving the building. 

 2.    LINE UP AND SEATING:   Please arrive by 1:15 pm in Rudder Theatre to begin line-up
At 1:45 pm the procession moves from their locations to their respective entrances. 

     • Column A (Stage Right) moves to the entrance (Portal 15).  Dr. Bustamante and Mrs. Wood will assist.  See diagram.

     • In Column B (Stage Left), the Mace Bearer (Dr. Peterson), Marshall, Stage Party, and Faculty will move to the entrance on the far side of the auditorium (Portal 16).  Ms. Agatha Moy, Ms. Elena Cantu, and Ms. LeMieux will assist.

     • At 1:55 pm an announcement will be made that the ceremony will begin shortly and ask the audience to take their seats.

  • The procession enters the auditorium promptly at 2:00 pm.
         · Students (Column A) When entering the auditorium, make sure your tassel is on the right side of your tam. After the HSC Representative has conferred your degree, Dean Reddy asks you to move your tassel to the left side, indicating you have graduated.
         · Faculty (Column B) Dr.  Peterson, Mace Bearer, will carry the mace and lead the stage party and faculty procession. 

    3.      After the stage party and faculty has proceeded into the auditorium and taken their places on the stage:
         • Gonfalonier Ms. Niaz Deyhim will lead the graduates into the auditorium and pick up the gonfalon (that will be placed on a wall halfway down the aisle), carry it to its stand at stage left (Column A).  She leaves the stage and goes to her seat via Column B.  Ms. Deyhim may have to stand at the base of the stage/stairs until all of row BB has filed in.
         • Make sure her seat remains empty!  She sits between Cale Davis and Gertrude Effah.

         • CHRISTINE HONG will follow the gonfalonier, and sit on the first seat on Row AA, ready to be called to the stage to lead the Moment of Reflection.

         • The graduates will follow Ms. Hong, led by Ms. Anum Abid in single file down the aisle toward the stage to designated seating, Rows BB-B toward Dr. Bustamante.

         •Students will remain standing until all are in place and then face the stage to be seated.

    4.     COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY  (Please note that this may change)
         · Dean Reddy welcomes the audience and will then ask Ms. Hong to come forward for the Student Moment of Reflection.  After Reflection, Christine exits the stage via Column B to her seat.

         •  Make sure her seat remains empty!  She sits between Velva Hinojosa and Mark Huynh.
         · After reflection, Dean Reddy will introduce members of the stage party and recognitions.
         • There will remarks from TAMU and HSC Officials

         · Dean Reddy introduces the Commencement speaker, Dr. Janet Woodcock, who will deliver the Commencement Address.

         · After Commencement Address, Dean Reddy will ask the graduates to stand as he presents the Class of 2108.  A member of the TAMU System will confer the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

         • Afterwards, Dr. Galindo will walk to the podium and say “Dr. Mansoor Khan, Vice Dean and  Interim Department Head, of Pharmaceutical Sciences  and Dr. Asim Abu Baker, Associate Dean for Clinical and Professional Affairs and Interim Department Head of Pharmacy Practice, will don the hoods on the candidates. Will the candidates for the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy please come forward as your name is called.”; this statement cues the usher, Ms. Sharon Lemieux to proceed to Row BB to stand at the end of the row on the right side of the stage (i.e., right side when facing the stage) and for Dr. Ofili to go to the donning table.

         · Dr. Galindo will then ask the graduates to come forward for awarding of diplomas.  Ms. Lemieux will prompt the first row to stand in unison and walk toward stage ramp (toward Mrs. Robinson).  Row  (BB) will lead off, moving to the bottom of the steps and walk toward Mrs. Robinson. Dr. Amanda Galindo will begin calling student names.

         · Graduate names are called one at a time, please remain at the edge of the ramp and do not walk on the stage until your name is called. Mrs. Robinson will confirm each graduate before entering the stage.

         · As your name is called and you enter the stage, Dr. Ofili will give your hood to the donners (Dr. Khan and Dr. Abu Baker).  You will walk toward Dr. Khan and Dr. Abu Baker and stand in front and between the two. Turn to face the audience to be donned.  You do not have to do anything, they will do the donning.  If you are taller than they are, you may be asked to “squat” down a little so they could place the hood over your head.

         · After donning, turn to exit Stage Right to receive diploma and shake hands with Dean Reddy, members of the stage party, and any TAMU System Representatives. 

         · Take your diploma with your left hand and shake hands with your right hand.  After you shake hands, turn toward the photographer and remain still. Your picture will be taken.  

         · After receiving diploma, graduates will not immediately return to their seats in the audience. Instead, exit the stage via behind the stage curtainsDr. Bustamante will be located on the stage right (near the curtains) to direct students to Flash Photography where they will be set-up directly outside of the auditorium in the hallway. Another individual photo will be taken.  Please return to your seat in the auditorium via Portal 1.  Staff will be stationed there to direct you.

         · As names are called and donning continues, each row of students will rise and line up when instructed by Ms. Lemieux until the last row has gone(Row BB).   During all the excitement, graduates please try to pay attention to Ms. Lemieux.  When there are only five or six students remaining in the stairway to go on stage, she will motion each row when to stand and line up.

         · Dean Reddy will make a brief response and invite Alumni Dr. Blake Maxson to the stage to lead the graduates in the Oath of a Pharmacist in unison.  After the Oath of a Pharmacist is read, please wait to be asked to be seated.
         · A welcome from the Association of Former Students will be delivered by Marty Holmes.

         · Dean Reddy will make final remarks and recognitions, including the military students.  

    5.     RECESSIONAL
         · At the conclusion of Commencement, Dean Reddy will say, “. . . faculty, graduates, and stage participants, please stand in preparation for the recessional.”

         · When Dr. Peterson moves forward to retrieve the mace from the stand, the stage party, faculty and students will all rise.   Dr. Peterson leads the processional, followed by the stage party and faculty off the stage and will exit at Portal 3 that leads into the auditorium hallway.  All will exit the stage in one direction.  A staff member will direct the recessional.  Graduates will exit immediately after faculty, row BB, AA,… followed finally by the members of the audience.

         • Immediately after the recession, and taking pictures with family and friends, students are asked to return their regalia as quickly as possible to Rudder Theater, before leaving the building. 

         • Graduates may keep their tam, tassel, and honor cords.


    Important reminders:

         · Once you are in line, please refrain from leaving the line to visit with friends and family in the lobby.  If you must leave the line, please let the Line Marshals (Dr. Bustamante, Mrs. Wood) know and return by 1:45 pm.

         · There will be a Commencement Ceremony Program in your seat; please do not march into the auditorium carrying a program or any items in your hands.

         · We are requesting that graduates remind family members and guests that noisemakers are not permitted during the Commencement Ceremony and that all cell phones or pagers should be turned off or in silent mode.  Please allow the audience members to hear each graduates name being called. 

         · Remind family members to stay in their seats and not move to the aisles blocking graduates and doorways in order take photographs. There will be a professional photographer taking photos during the ceremony. These photos will be available for purchase and the order form is in your packet.  You may also look for the Flash Photography table. 

         · Please ask family members to be respectful of all graduates by staying in their seats until the ceremony has ended!

         · If you have guests with mobility challenges, please inform the Office of Student Affairs so we can plan for accommodations.






Last Updated 5/18/2018

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