Student Organization Fundraising Guidelines

1. In accordance with Texas A&M University Health Science Center guidelines, students may not solicit funds from any outside agency, business, company, organization or entity. Any questions regarding this policy must be directed to the assistant dean for student affairs.

2. The assistant dean for student affairs has the authority to enforce all policies and regulations set forth in this set of guidelines. A calendar will be placed in the care of the assistant dean for student affairs, who will hold the final authority with full discretion.

3. No more than two organizations may sell at one time with the exception of an approved OSA special event. Any loaned materials (e.g., table, chairs) must be returned at the end of each day. Organizations are encouraged to use order forms (with samples available) to diminish lines in the hall in an effort to reduce congestion. Once sold, any organization must distribute the items in the student lounge at a reserved time and at a reserved table.

4. There will be a limit of three non-food related fundraising events allowed for each organization each semester. Each organization may sell for (non-food items) a maximum of five consecutive weekdays. If extra time is needed, a request must be made in writing to the assistant dean for student affairs.

5. Each organization will be assigned calendar days for food-related fundraising events. Organizations shall hold food fundraising events only on their designated days. All individuals involved in fundraising food sales must attend the Kleberg County food handlers training.

6. Items sold for charities on an individual basis at social events or fundraisers, are not subject to the guidelines.

7. Organizations may hold exclusive rights to sell specific items, with written approval from the assistant dean for student affairs.

8. All merchandise to be sold by an organization must be approved by the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy communications director and the assistant dean for student affairs on an annual basis.

9. All fundraising activities will be scheduled on the student affairs calendar by submitting a student activity request form. This form, with all required signatures, must be submitted at the beginning of each semester to the Office of Student Affairs. If the event is to be canceled, a new student activity request form is required to be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible.

10. Special requests will be handled by the Office of Student Affairs on a case-by-case basis.