Additional Information Pertaining to Commencement

  1. On the morning of Saturday, May 24, you may pick up your regalia from 8:30 to 11 a.m. in Room 132 in the Texas A&M Irma lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy. A representative from Graduate Affairs (the regalia vendor) will distribute your regalia and a representative from the Office of Student Affairs will be there to assist. You do not pick up your hood at this time. Instead, it will be donned on stage.
  2. A photographer is available from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (except when the photographer is taking the group photo; see No. 3 below) on May 24 to take pictures of you in your cap and gown. Pictures will be taken in Room 119 at the Rangel College of Pharmacy. A flier containing information on how to order pictures will be available at rehearsal and commencement. Even if you choose not to purchase your photograph, we ask that you please have your photo taken. Your photo will be used in a composite photo of the Class of 2014 and this composite will be displayed in the college for all to see.
  3. At 11:30 a.m. on May 24, the photographer will take a group photo of the Class of 2014 in the Student Lounge at the Rangel College of Pharmacy. Please participate in this photo and arrive promptly by 11:30 a.m. If you desire, you may purchase a copy of the group photo from the photographer.
    The group photo will hang in the dean’s conference room, marking this joyous milestone in the history of the college.
  4. Photographs will be taken of you as you cross the stage during the commencement ceremony. Since these photos can be ordered online and made available to your friends and family, no other photographers will be permitted on the floor during the ceremony. Inform your friends and family and know that we greatly appreciate their cooperation.
  5. Return your gown and hood immediately after the ceremony in Room 102 at the SPEC. Room 102 is located in the far right corner of the lobby as you march out of the auditorium. You may keep your tam, tassel, and cord(s) (e.g., honor cord).
  6. You will be asked to complete a Graduating Student Alumni Survey during rehearsal on May 22 and we appreciate your participation in this survey. Bring a pen or pencil with you and note that you must complete the survey or a hold will be placed on your transcript.

Commencement Details

  1. On the day of graduation, you will be lined up alphabetically in the left hallway of the SPEC (as one enters the lobby of the SPEC). To determine your place in line, a list of names will be taped to the walls in the hallway beginning just behind the double glass doors. Information regarding seat assignments and additional details about the procession will be provided at the rehearsal.
  2. Line up by 1:15 p.m. Representatives from the Office of Student Affairs will be present to help you find your position in line and for roll call.
  3. To ensure that everyone’s name is heard during the ceremony,we ask that your guests refrain from making any responses or applauding when your name is called. At a designated time in the ceremony, Dean Reddy will ask all graduates to stand and you will be given a round of applause.
  4. Honor students (3.5-4.0 GPA) will receive honor cords at rehearsal on May 22. These cords are worn with your regalia at commencement. You may also wear cords and/or pins representing honor societies of which you are a member. Only academic honors for a high GPA, as reflected in membership in nationally recognized honor societies (e.g., Rho Chi), merit the wearing of ribbons, stoles or other indications of academic excellence. Refrain from wearing symbols on caps; it detracts from the decorum of the ceremony. We also ask that you do not enter the floor of the SPEC with flowers, gifts or stoles that are not academic. Family or friends may present you with flowers or gifts after the ceremony.
  5. Since there is no place to secure personal items, we ask that you do not carry umbrellas, purses, or extra apparel with you during the procession into the SPEC. A commencement program, with the Oath of a Pharmacist inserted, will already be placed in your chair.
  6. For an impressive ceremony, it is important to wear professional dress: for men dark dress pants, a dress shirt and tie, and dress shoes; for women a suit, dress, skirt and blouse.
  7. The tassel on your tam should be worn on the right side as the ceremony begins. At the appropriate time, Dean Reddy will indicate to move it to the left side.
  8. Hoods will be donned by Dr. Mary Chavez, interim vice dean and chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, and Dr. David Potter, professor and chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. After the hood is donned, you will walk across the stage where you will be handed a diploma tube. Your actual diploma will be sent to you by FedEx to the permanent address you have on file (Texas A&M University Health Science Center Office of the Registrar) three to six weeks after the ceremony.
  9. All fees and other financial obligations to the Texas A&M Health Science Center must be paid before commencement. If you think you are delinquent on an obligation, contact the Texas A&M Health Science Center Student Services Office (979.436.01930 and speak to Ronnie Pampell.
  10. If you have received any type of student loan through the Texas A&M Health Science Center, you must complete an online exit counseling session prior to commencement rehearsal on May 22. Although you should receive information regarding exit counseling from the Texas A&M Health Science Center Office of Student Financial Aid, you may contact their office at (979.436.0192) if you have any questions. You must complete this survey, or a hold will be placed on your transcript.
  11. The Texas A&M Health Science Center Department of Information Technology allows students to access their email accounts for up to 60 days after the date of graduation. An email providing additional information about student email accounts will be sent to you.
  12. Guest seating in the SPEC is not limited. Please invite whomever you would like to attend the ceremony. Additionally, tickets are not required to attend the reception that follows at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Center.
  13. Auditorium doors will be open to the public beginning at 12:30 p.m.
  14. Your guests may park in any designated parking lot on the Kingsville campus. However, there is street parking and four parking lots in the vicinity of the Rangel College of Pharmacy that are a three to five minute walk to the SPEC.
  15. Special seating areas will be reserved for guests in wheelchairs and those with health conditions. Ushers located in the lobby of the SPEC will help guests find these areas.
  16. In the recession, the stage guests will recess first, followed by the faculty. Graduates will immediately follow the faculty completely out of the auditorium and return their regalia (Room 102). Remember that you may keep your tam, tassel, and cords.

Congratulations. We look forward to seeing you during rehearsal on May 22. If you have any questions about commencement, contact the Office of Student Affairs.