Staff Member of the Year

Criteria: Nominations are taken based on peer evaluations concerning: problem-solving, teamwork, dependability, flexibility, punctuality, communication, customer service and initiative. These members have exemplified our core values and governing principles, exhibited superior customer care and have gone the “extra mile.”

Steve Leggio - staff of the year award 2017-2018  Agatha Moy - Staff of the Year Award 2017-2018  

2018  Ms. Maria "Cordie" Benavides (not pictured), Mr. Steve Leggio (pictured left), Ms. Agatha Moy (pictured right) and Mr. Gilbert Reyna (not pictured)

2017   Dr. Elaine Demps (pictured left), Mrs. Barbara Rice (not pictured) & Mrs. Michelle Walbeck (pictured right)

2016   Ms. Cecelia Gonzales & Ms. Agatha Moy

2015   Ms. Elena Cantu & Ms. Michelle Walbeck

2014   Mr. Paul Boyle & Ms. Cheri Shipman

2013   Ms. Rachel Garza & Ms. Elena Cantu

2012   Mrs. Maria Benavides, Mr. Paul Boyle & Ms. Maria Jaramillo

2011   Dr. Elaine Demps, Mr. Andrew Ramirez & Ms. Rachel Garza

2010   Ms. Doris Cuellar & Ms. Maria Jaramillo

2009   Dr. Elaine Demps & Ms. Rachel Garza

2008   Ms. Christie Knudsen