Student Graduating Class Awards

Class of 2018 Award Winners

Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication

Sponsor: Facts & Comparisons® and Lexicomp® leading brands of Wolters Kluwer Health

Criteria: Recognizes high academic achievement and superior verbal and written clinical communication skills.

Class of 2018 Tatyana Barichovich

Class of 2017 Shannon White

Class of 2016 Adaku Onwubuya

Class of 2015 Annie Lozano

Class of 2014 Madeline King

Class of 2013 Kathleen Wild 

Class of 2012 Jonathan Garnett

Class of 2011 Erin Rinkenberger

Cardinal Health Hospital Pharmacy Practice Award

Sponsor: Cardinal Health

Criteria: Recognizes a graduate who is interested in a career in hospital pharmacy

Class of 2016 Justin Shanks

Class of 2015 Mahmoud Sabawi

CVS Health Growth and Development Award

Sponsor: CVS Health Corporation

Criteria: Recognizes overall growth in the profession since enrollment in the College:  attitude, knowledge, maturity, teamwork; superior professional development.

Class of 2017 Sasha Cruz

Class of 2016 Christopher Espino

Class of 2015 Mahmoud Sabawi

Class of 2014 Martin Strait

Class of 2013 Kathleen Wild

Class of 2012 Jennifer Thompson

Class of 2011 Rachel Jolly Bray

Class of 2010 Rudy Rangel

Dean’s Academic Achievement Award

Sponsor: Nick Harrell, R.Ph., Harrell’s Pharmacy, Kingsville, Texas, and The Association of Former Students at Texas A&M University 

Criteria: Recognizes the student in the graduating class with the highest grade point average.

Class of 2018 Niaz Deyhim

Class of 2017 Eric Burdette

Class of 2016 Chelsea Krueger & Ann Thi Nguyen

Class of 2015 Allison Bryce & Quyen Dau

Class of 2014 Christina Gonzalez & Kristen Schroeder

Class of 2013 Omar Salgado & Alexander Patlovany

Class of 2012 Rebecca Shewmaker

Class of 2011 Nichole Placida Ma

Class of 2010 Veronica Kerner

Dr. James Robertson Jr. Excellence Award

Sponsor: Francisco’s Salon, Corpus Christi, Texas, and the Dr. James Robertson Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Criteria: Recognizes outstanding professionalism and communication skills as demonstrated in conduct and attitude with an emphasis on community, campus and student organization involvement.  The recipient should be in good academic standing and demonstrate a commitment to the College’s core values of Care, Compassion, Competence, Community, and Collaboration.  The recipient should be an advocate for activities that promote wellness for the community and student body and should demonstrate respect for and pride in the pharmacy profession with humility and integrity.

Class of 2018 Shahrouz Shoghi

Class of 2017 Eugenio Lopez

Class of 2016 Maricela Ceballos

Class of 2015 Brittany Bateman

Class of 2014 Madeline King

Class of 2013 Edward Vaughn II

GlaxoSmithKline Patient Care Award

Sponsor: GlaxoSmithKline

Class of 2010 Elaina Wilkins

H-E-B Guiding Principles Award

Sponsor: H-E-B

Criteria: In recognition of the student who Embodies and exhibits through practice the College’s Guiding Principles of Care, Compassion, Competence, Community, and Collaboration.

Class of 2018 Richardo Martinez

Class of 2017 Dikesh Patel

Class of 2016 Adam Riezenman

Class of 2015 Lauren DeLoach

Class of 2014 Stephanie Staudt

Class of 2013 Chandni D. Bhakta

Class of 2012 Brittany Leigh Evans

Class of 2011 Mike De Luna

Class of 2010 Charles Rolph

Irma Lerma Rangel Leadership Award

Sponsor: Chemcel Federal Credit Union

Criteria: Exhibits superior leadership qualities and spirit to excel; displays a pioneering spirit to overcome obstacles and lead the profession of pharmacy in the 21st Century.

Class of 2012 Michael Terry

Class of 2011 Rita Salinas

Class of 2010 Dave Kanwar

Kleberg Bank Community Service Award

Sponsor: Kleberg Bank, Kingsville, Texas

Criteria: In recognition of outstanding and unselfish civic, community, or church volunteer service, provided outside the scope of regular pharmacy practice.

Class of 2018 Terrilynne Pham

Class of 2017 Samantha Perales

Class of 2016 Bryan Donald

Class of 2015 Annie Lozano

Class of 2014 Amy Morrow

Class of 2013 Kathleen Wild

Class of 2012 Elizabeth Rosas

Class of 2011 Cristina Gonzales

Class of 2010 Justin Markley

Moore’s Pharmacy Incorporated Outstanding Student Award

Sponsor: Moore’s Pharmacy Inc., Sinton, Texas

Criteria: Recognizes the student who displays a commitment to patient care and who excels in the study of pharmacy. 

Class of 2018 Josue Rodriguez

Class of 2017 Kathryn Garcia

Class of 2016 Ann Thi Nguyen

Class of 2015 Jessica Schneider

Class of 2014 Amber Bacak

Class of 2013 Nola Finke

Class of 2012 Rebecca Shewmaker

Class of 2011 Jacquelyn Connally

Pharmcare USA Integrated Pharmacotherapy (IPT) Award

Sponsor: Pharmacy Care USA

Criteria: Excelled in the integrated course sequence.

Class of 2017 Matthew Untermeyer

Class of 2016 Chelsea Krueger

Class of 2015 Zaida Olvera

Class of 2014 Jesse Castillo

Class of 2013 Omar Salgado

Class of 2012 Adrian Sandoval Jr.

Class of 2011 Amber Chun

Ron and Anabella Garza Outstanding Student Award

Sponsor: Ron and Anabella Garza, DeLeon’s Pharmacy, Corpus Christi, Texas

Criteria: Recognizes excellence in the study of pharmacy.

Class of 2015 Emily Pena

Class of 2014 Leah Calderon

Class of 2013 Alexander Patlovany

Class of 2010 Sebastian Perez

Target Integrated Pharmacotherapy Award

Sponsor: Target Inc.

Class of 2010 Veronica Kerner

Walgreens Innovative Community Practice Award

Sponsor: Walgreens Co.

Criteria: Recognizes the graduating student who strived to implement disease state management programs in a community practice. 

Class of 2018 Olivia Collado

Class of 2017 Roderick Hess

Class of 2016 Amanuel Adane

Class of 2015 Kelsi Gulick-Hughes

Class of 2014 Thongsamuth Noymany

Class of 2013 Jessica Treptow

Class of 2012 Daniel Stoneking

Class of 2011 Maaya Srinivasa

Class of 2010 Jennifer Thompson

Wal-Mart Retail Management Award

Sponsor: Wal-Mart/Sam's Club

Criteria: Graduate who is most likely to succeed as a manager of a retail pharmacy.

Class of 2014 Diego Garza

Class of 2013 Mark Carrillo 

Class of 2012 Thomas Garza

Class of 2011 Jacquelyn Connally

Class of 2010 Gene Castillo

Lilly Achievement Award

Sponsor: Lilly USA, LLC

Criteria: Exemplifies scholastic and professional achievement, leadership and ethical conduct.

Class of 2018 Sergio Garcia

Class of 2017 Richard Ramirez

Class of 2016 Jason Chau

Class of 2015 Melissa Hinojosa

Class of 2014 Amber Bacak

Class of 2013 Nola Finke

Class of 2012 Richard Wong

Class of 2011 Mike De Luna

Class of 2010 Charles Rolph

Merck & Co. Pharmaceutics Award

Sponsor: Merck & Co. Inc.

Class of 2011 Cristina Gonzales

Mylan Pharmaceuticals Excellence in Pharmacy Award

Sponsor: Mylan Institute of Pharmacy

Criteria: Recognizes academic excellence by ranking in the top 25 percent of the graduating class; having high professional motivation; and, having demonstrated superior proficiency in the provision of drug information services.

Class of 2018 Anum Abid

Class of 2017 Hannah Ehrenfield

Class of 2016 Chelsea Krueger

Class of 2015 Quyen Dau

Class of 2014 Martin Strait

Class of 2013 Megan Calk

Class of 2012 Rebecca Shewmaker

Class of 2011 Rachel Jolly Bray

Class of 2010 Aimee Nguyen

Natural Medicines Graduation Award 

Sponsor: Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

Criteria: Recognizes the graduate who exhibits interest and expertise related to natural medicines, including efforts to minimize adverse effects due to inappropriate use, and to encourage an evidence-based approach to natural medicines.

Class of 2017 Keith Davidson

Class of 2016 Elizabeth Nkwocha

Class of 2015 Lori Watkins

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Graduation Award

Sponsor: Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

Criteria: Demonstrates promise in improving patient care and shows an appreciation for scientific inquiry and an evidence-based approach to evaluating natural medicines.

Class of 2014 Mila Moroz

Class of 2013 Michael Shaw

Class of 2012 Corey Smith

Class of 2011 Xuan Zhou

Class of 2010 Erin Williamson

Natural Standard Research Collaboration – Academic Excellence Award

Sponsor: Natural Standard

Criteria: Exhibits the exemplary perpetuation of multidisciplinary, evidence-based research practices, healthcare communications, or information.   

Class of 2014 Ashley Fox

Class of 2013 Courtney Landry

Class of 2012 Corey Smith

Perrigo Award for Excellence in Non-Prescription Medication Studies

Class of 2010 Leigh Anne Lunsford

TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA Outstanding Student Award

Sponsor: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Criteria: Presented to a student who has achieved notable academic success in the Rangel College of Pharmacy.

Class of 2017 Matthew Untermeyer

Class of 2016 Amanda Kennedy

Class of 2015 Nicholas Hudson

Class of 2014 Amber Bacak

Class of 2013 Alexander Patlovany

Class of 2012 Dylan Hachtel

Class of 2011 Jorge Solis II

Class of 2010 Chris King

United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award

Sponsor: United States Public Health Service

Criteria: Recognizes a third-year student’s contributions to public health pharmacy practice.

2018 Bright Yorka

2017 Valerie Guerra

2016 Sasha Cruz

2015 Chris Espino

2014 Lori Watkins

2013 Madeline King

2012 Cory Smith