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The Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy offers the Doctor of Pharmacy program leading to the PharmD degree. The goal of the curriculum is to provide graduates with the appropriate scientific knowledge, professional skills, attitudes and values to enter pharmacy practice in any setting. Toward that end faculty driven content is provided in biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, social/behavioral/administrative sciences and clinical sciences. The curriculum content is sequenced and integrated with a planned blend of teaching and learning methods. The curriculum provides a progression of pharmacy practice experiences from introductory to advanced. These experiences provide direct patient contact in actual pharmacy settings and confirm the college’s commitment to collaborative interactions with the community. Professional competencies expected of all graduates are assessed systematically by direct and indirect methods administered by college faculty and affiliated professional pharmacists. Attainment of the desired student learning outcomes is assessed using both formative and summative evaluations to confirm the curricular design.

The curriculum, which is offered through 146 semester credit hours (SCH), is organized in such a way that the student progresses through the pharmaceutical sciences and clinical sciences didactic, practicum and laboratory course work into summative experiential rotations. This total includes 103 SCH of the core curriculum (required courses), six hours of elective classes and 37 SCH of clinical-experiential, including one hour of Capstone. The fourth year of the curriculum is devoted exclusively to Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences and Capstone, where the knowledge gained and skills developed in the first three years are greatly enhanced and expanded. The primary goal of the program is to provide a comprehensive pharmacy education in a stimulating environment to prepare students for the practice of pharmacy as competent, caring, ethical professionals dedicated to the provision of optimal pharmaceutical care.

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