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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

About the Department

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences consists of faculty members with Ph.D. degrees and expertise in biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, and the social, behavioral and administrative sciences. All faculty members are involved in classroom and laboratory instruction in the 4-year professional pharmacy curriculum that is highly integrated and team-taught. The pharmaceutical sciences faculty members work together and with the clinical faculty on issues related to teaching and research/scholarship. The department has 11 new research laboratories and has a core laboratory that houses several pieces of common-use equipment. The new Pharmaceutical Research Facility became available in 2011. Faculty members in the department are engaged in teaching and research collaborations with scientists from other components at TAMHSC, TAMUK, and various national institutions. The research activities at the department are supported by post-doctoral researchers, Ph.D. students in the pharmaceutical sciences, and research associates. The graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences is currently administered by the School of Graduate Studies at Texas A&M Health Science Center.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to provide exemplary teaching, research and service in the field of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.  The department offers an excellent education and training program through an integrated curriculum designed to forge independent, lifelong learners and competent pharmacists. The department is committed to a strong, integrated and cross-disciplinary research program aimed at studying drug development, discovery and delivery systems, as well as the biomedical and social areas to better understand health and disease.  Through these efforts, the department is dedicated to advancing pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical research.


Department Goals, 2012

  • Recruit full-time faculty members for current opening
  • Continue to refine and improve curricular courses and effectiveness of teaching methods
  • Increase funding and publications in research
  • Increase funding and publications in scholarship of teaching
  • Continue to build a strong research infrastructure by purchase of common use equipment

Faculty Members

Dr. Bret Bessac, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Juan J. Bustamante, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Mahua Choudhury, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Lacy Daniels, Professor and Interim Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Charles Douglas, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. M. Delwar Hussain, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Narendra Kumar, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Dai Lu, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Mohammad T. Nutan, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Srinath Palakurthi, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Steven L. Peterson, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Michael A. Veronin, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences